How search engine optimization works? A complete introductional guide about how SEO works?

how search engine optimization works

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, how search engine optimization work?

As you are familiar by now that what is search engine optimization, so now it’s time to move on and explore that how actually search engines work? Matt Cutts is Google’s engineer and He describes that how search engines work to show search results back to searcher. When ever we perform search actually we perform web search, as search engines indexed the web and so provides results back to us from that indexed results.

Let suppose you want to search that “what is nesting in less programming”? So, you just type above mentioned query in search box and Google will display results back to you. But how Google got that results? Let’s see, Google and other search engines index websites according to keywords these websites are possessing. So, when ever we search we type our target keywords and results based on that keyword are shown back.

The software which indexes the web are called spider, spiders start fetching results from few pages, then they follow through these pages to other pages by using links as paths, and then from these pages to other pages and so on. In this way they search billions of web pages and collect data that is specific to our search query.

After getting results how Google decide to show results back to us?

As spiders got billions of records and now its time to show up these records wait, the process is not ended yet. As Google is possessing hundreds of thousands of records while it has to show top ten on first page. Now, Google decides which page to show up, and that decision is made by considering many factors like webpage containing that keywords, that keyword in page title, URL, that page is from quality website or low quality website, is that website spamming or genuine website etc…

In all this time a lot of search results are thrown away while acceptable results are in the queue while a final test is remaining yet. In this test Google checks the whole important page rank of that particular website/webpage. Page rank is calculated by following an algorithm and so only quality websites get high page rank. Now the higher the page rank of the webpage, the higher chances of being shown in search results.

In this way only quality content is shown back to us, and that’s why Google is being used more than 70% of world’s entire web search. By now it’s clear that how search engine optimization actually works and how results are filtered to be shown beck to searchers. Finally here is the resulting page for our search query “what is nesting in less programming?”
how search engine optimization works?
Now if you see at very first shown result this is from this site, and that post is created on 25 February while I started this website on 15 February and being shown in first place in Google, how did I got that result? You’ll learn in step by step and your site will be shown in first page of Google as well. So we’ll be covering an other topic in next series. Bye till that…

We shared our knowledge, now you share with your fellows.

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